Red Bull Vert Ramp preliminary render by Star Design
Red Bull Vert Ramp completed structure
Behind-the-scenes resources to help you pitch for events you want to do and to do the events you've got

Star Solutions packages the huge resource base that enables us to work on as many as 25 events simultaneously and lets you cherry-pick the bits you need. We can offer you case studies where Star Solutions has saved clients far more than we have charged. The core services we offer are noted below, available separately or in almost limitless combination. We stress that we don't organise events and we never compete with you for your clients.

Star Solutions offers:

  • Consultancy - Helping to solve your planning and feasibility concerns, advising on safety and offering independent assessment
  • CAD Services - Professional drawings of stages, venue and rigging layouts, sets and scenery
  • Imaging Services - Illustrate your proposal with accurate renders and illustrations
  • Fabrication Services - Building bespoke structures with unusual features or created for special environments
  • Calculations & Testing Services - Structural and wind load calculations produced. 3rd party calculations checked and verified. Components and assemblies proof and/or destruction tested


We can integrate almost any combination of stages, platforms, towers, control positions, screen and branding supports, grandstands and flat floor seating to create complete arenas and other complex environments - we use one standardised sub-structure system across all our products.

Event file and document distribution

This website has a powerful File Transfer Protocol (FTP) facility. We can create mini-sites for your events, which enable any number of users to access the latest versions of any number of documents, in most common formats. It is very easy to login and download even though security levels are very high. We can (at your request) track who accessed what and when. Please ask your usual contact at Star Events Group if you would like more information or contact us online. We will be delighted to host your documents for your event.

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Available to All

The majority of Star Solutions services are available to all. You don't need to hire or purchase a stage or rigging to benefit from these services.

Discuss your Idea

Outline your requirements by either contacting us online or calling us on + 44 1234 772233. We will be delighted to advise you.