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QP Seating®, Europe's highest specification grandstand seating system, designed to ensure every seat is fully compliant with all the latest regulations and offering several innovative new features
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Variable Quasi Parabolic [QP®] profile

  • The all new QP Seating® grandstand system offers variable rakes in a Quasi ParabolicTM profile, providing enhanced sight lines (“C-values”) on every grandstand and for every spectator.
  • Works just as well [and very economically] for flat floor seating.
  • System based hi-tensile sub-structure ensuring complete flexibility and quick erection of every size of grandstand.
  • Patent Applied For

Seat front gangway

New dimensions

  • Provides more legroom and width whilst maintaining optimum grandstand densities.
  • Meets or exceeds the new ‘Spectator Facilities’ regulations and dimensions for grandstands to be found in BS EN 13200-1 to 6.
  • Meets or exceeds the grandstand requirements of the "Guide To Safety at Sports Grounds" (click here for a free downloadable copy).

Grandstand seats on trailer

New technology

  • The first grandstand seating system designed from scratch to follow the ‘system build’ philosophy of the sub-structure, rather than an awkward marriage between different structural systems.
  • Totally compatible with the industry leading VerTechTM and Orbit Flexidome® stage systems, using the same hi-tensile sub-structure.
  • Uses the latest high density polyethylene [HDPE] moulding techniques to provide a grandstand seat that is smart, comfortable and durable.

Grandstand seating WaH


  • The whole structural system is designed to minimise Working at Height during installation and removal.
  • Meets all flame retardancy requirements.
  • Each grandstand seat tested to withstand two people standing on it (over 200kgs test load).
  • Fully compliant with "Temporary Demountable Structures" 3rd Edition, published by the Institution of Structural Engineers.
  • Every grandstand installation designed and checked by our own in-house engineering team.


We can integrate almost any combination of stages, platforms, towers, control positions, screen and branding supports, grandstands and flat floor seating to create complete arenas and other complex environments - we use one standardised sub-structure system across all our products.

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